My cats have Ugly Betty Names

Hi dolls

Today I managed to capture a funny classical moment of Mrs. Hilda Suarez (one of our cats).She makes that super serious face when she is drinking her water.

She is such a lazy meatball,but she is also the most cuddly cat I have met.When she sits down on my lap she won't leave.If I stand up she hangs on to my leg with her claws.As long as I wear pants and not a skirt,it's okay.

Do your cats have funny habits?Tell me all about it :)



  1. We lovingly call my cat the homicidal maniac. She think she's the queen, and when you upset her, she sits up all night plotting and attacking you. I love her to pieces, though!

  2. Ohh that must be great fun to know your cat plots to attack you in your sleep *lol*
    Thanks for sharing this

  3. One of our cats likes to be pet while he eats, and if you stop he looks at you with a "uh, hello? Pet me!" face.

  4. Hilda Suarez? Really? You are a disturbed soul :P

  5. That is such a great pic! I don't have any cats, but our dogs are definitely funny! My big dog does what I call his "dance" when I head out to my pickup to leave for work. He waits by the bed and "dances" until I let him in!

  6. Thank you for sharing those funny stories.I loovve pet stories <3


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