DIY Eyeshadow Primer Base

Hi dolls,

I had a lot of cream concealers from various concealer palettes,that were too dark for me.I use some of them for contouring,but some colors just don't work.
So this is perfect for any cream concealers that you don't like/don't use.
This is a great 2 in 1 product : Primer Potion and Paint Pot in one jar :)

You need:
~1 1/2 teaspoon of cream concealer  (concealer sticks don't work)
a pea sized amount oil free facial moisturizer
a pea sized amount of face base
rubbing alcohol

A little jar/container with a screw lid
plastic toothpick
blow dryer
Wooden popsicle stick

Wipe your jar,popsicle stick and toothpick with rubbing alcohol and wash your hands!

Scoop the cream concealer with the popsicle stick into your jar and blow dry it on medium heat for 10 seconds or until it gets soft.It is good to put the jar on a damp cloth,so it won't slip while the blow dryer hits it with air.
Add the moisturizer,face base and one generous drop of rubbing alcohol.
Mix it together with the toothpick and close the lid.
Chill inside your fridge on the top shelf or in the fridge door for at least 8 hours then remove it from the fridge 1 hour prior to using it.
Don't worry ,you won't have to keep it inside the fridge all the time.The fridge just helps the ingredients to really stick to each other.

As you can see I have used it quite a lot,that's because I wanted to really test it before I post a DIY recipe.

It really doesn't crease when you apply it like you would apply any cream product on to your lids,because there is face/foundation primer in it.
Your eyeshadows will be be more vibrant due to the stickiness of the cream concealer and the colors will last longer because the moisturizer will bind the shadow particles to the skin.Most moisturizers also contain emulsifier which helps all the ingredients to mix.
The rubbing alcohol is just a little helper that makes stirring the product easier.It will evaporate anyway.

It's such a great way to save money,because the really good eye primers and bases are pricey!



  1. Anonymous23:49

    nettes rezept, werde ich mal ausprobieren :)

  2. Great diy recipe! I have to try this out!

  3. Oooohhhhh! More DIY stuff for me to try! Funny thing is, I don't think I have any cream concealers.... I'll have to go check! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  4. So cool!! I'll try it, I have too many concealers abandoned!

  5. suck a great tip! thank you for posting it

  6. I only have a tiny amount of cream concealer(the beige from the Essence corrector). Concealer sticks don't work, huh? Could I use half and half maybe?


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