Essence stay with me long lasting lipgloss review (03 candy bar)

Hi dolls

I have found the perfect lipgloss!All my other glosses perform poorly compared to the new essence lipgloss.
That was the only product which was on my wishlist for the new essence products,because there were so many great reviews.

Packaging: The gloss comes in a short,purse friendly plastic tube with a black cap.There are 2 stickers: One that says NEW and the other has the color and barcode.Our cute little lipgloss contains 0.13 fl.oz / 4 ml.Usable for 12 months.

What it promises: 'colorful lipgloss for glossy lips' (source: tube)

The product: To my surprise it smelled very familiar to me.It has that classic essence lipgloss scent which seems like berry/exotic fruits to me.Nevertheless it is very pleasant.The gloss itself is thick and creamy and a teeny tiny bit sticky.A good new thing is the applicator which has an hourglass shape.It picks up the product evenly and also applies it evenly.Great feature

My 2 cents: I got the color 03 candy bar,which caught my eye.I love this red-ish berry-candy color,although the other colors are very pretty too.
On my way home I had to apply it,because all the very positive reviews made me curios.Some of you may know that I smoke cigarettes and to me it is very important that I don't have gloss all over my cigarette.
This gloss does transfer to the ciggy,but it just leaves a tiny trace on the filter.

The reviews I read said that the gloss is still glossy and visible after two hours.No way Jose!
But it's true....and I can't believe it.
It does fade,but even after 2 hours the lips are still glossy and the color stays put.

I believe this gloss has some ingredient that stains the lips a bit,because after wiping it off,there is still some color on my lips.And on top of a lipstick this little baby is beyond great.

-great applicator
-staying power
-great,not too sheer color pay off
-no shimmer

-only 4 ml (less than a small color & go nail polish)

Conclusion:  Love this stuff,I will definitely repurchase one or two more colors.My other glosses have lost their statuses and I probably will never purchase a 'normal' gloss again.

Essence really turned it up a notch with their new amazing products!
The next review will be the stay all day 16 h concealer.



  1. Anonymous21:18

    du bist schuld, dass ich mir auch einen gekauft hab :) aber du hast recht, er ist toll :D

  2. Wow - this stuff sounds like the perfect lip product! I can't wait to try it.

    Sophistique Noir - Dark, Elegant Fashion

  3. Oooo lovely! I like the applicator and love the way you described the scent. yum! XD

  4. @Retro : Mi culpa :S
    @Victorian: I think it should be available in the US
    @Vampiress : thanks for stopping by hun

  5. Can you remember how much it costed? I bought no2 my favorite milkshake. The formula looks like my Korres lipglosses ;) It was weird the first time I tried to use the applicator but now I know what to do and agree with you, it's really good.

  6. I think it was 2,75 Euros. Or 79 ?

  7. Thanks! <3 I also bought the purple gel eyeliner and it's softer that the Denim wanted ones. A lot softer.

  8. from wich site u buy essence products?

  9. @ I purchase them from a store,but there is a site that sells essence:


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