Stealing is a crime!

Hi dolls

I came across a blog which is rather sickening! A blog consisting of stolen images only and a whole bunch of lies.
Even my crappy flower nail art was stolen by this person.She even has the balls to steal pictures of famous nail art bloggers/youtubers.
I mean WTF is this?????

Feel free to have a look at that crappy crappy blog.

I never wanted to use my nail art to scratch out somebodies eyes that badly.This is how furious I am.
Some nail artists spend hours to create their designs,so why can't this thief-blogger just respect the time and effort somebody puts into a design???????
Is it so hard to add the source of an image????? Or at least ask for permission????
I am beyond mad right now and I demand that my picture (even if it is crappy) to be removed from that pile of stolen goods and stinky lies.

Huggies to you dolls


  1. It's ridiculous!! She even wrote stories about how she was inspired for the STOLEN images designs!! I'm shocked!!

  2. What some people will do. You could report this to blogger or google you know! You should! I hope some big ass blogger/youtuber will find out & kick the crap out of her.

  3. Thats awful! I'm not going to go look at the blog and give that blog any hits or attention! Thanks so much for sharing this with us. Some people have no morals!

  4. Ive had entire posts nicked by a blog site without any credit. I found this useful -


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