Epic Meals and a shrinking muffin top.

Hi dolls

Yes,I have had another lazy day at the beach and it was fabulous.It wasn't too hot today,so I had one more reason to lay around under my umbrella and just listen to the waves.But I did something really dumb: I know I have to religiously apply sunscreen and not swim for more than an hour in order not to get burned by the sun and not to get too much of a tan.I ignored that and now my cheeks and my nose are red X_X
Yogurt is my savior......
On the way home I had to satisfy an urge that I had for a looong time: Mc Donald's.....
I have been doing really good with my project of getting back in shape,I cut all soda kind of sugary carbonated drinks and the only thing I consume with bubbles is an occasional bottle of sparkling mineral water,because hey I grew up in a household where sparkling mineral water was supposed to be the most thirst quenching thing.

It kind of is though.First I just refused to drink cola,but after a few weeks of not drinking cola's cousins,I noticed how disgusting they really taste and the overwhelming sweetness is just absurd.*lol*
I am cola-cured!

The meal at Mc D was epic: Unhealthy,fatty,but sometimes I just need a crappy burger.I had a CBO and 4 chicken nuggets and it was reaaaallly yummy.
On the parking lot somebody sprayed a genius graffitti

I have lost 7 kilos till now and I am almost happy,because all that is left to do is to get the muscles in the tummy area a bit tighter.Not going for a six pack though :D

What is your Mc D-Favorite?



  1. I love McChicken and Filet o Fish:)

  2. wow, 7 kgs! =D Congratz!

  3. Oh, McDonalds! Hah, I haven't eaten there since I was a kid. I also quit drinking soda a long time ago. I only drink all natural orange soda with 100% cane sugar. That stuff is still pretty good. I occasionally break the rules and have some Orange Crush - man, that stuff is dope! lol x-P

  4. Anonymous10:14

    7 Kilos?
    Woah that's awesome!

  5. 7 kilos? wow, congrats!! It's weird but I don't usually eat at McDonald's because there is never a restaurant near me!

  6. Thank you for sharing !


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