10 things

1.Why does a company call their parchment paper "Nonstick" baking paper,if every freaking item sticks to it???Why ???
2.I have never imagined a chinchilla could throw a rage fit.....But they actually can.I tried to get back a receipt that he had stolen from the coffee table and the poor stuffed dog had to pay for my mistake.He literally humped it to death.
3.My soul is chocolate corrupted.....Even a waitress running into my hurt leg was not a big deal after a complimentary bowl of ice cream.Damn :P
4. Hell's Kitchen is responsible for a growling tummy now......and I crave strawberry lemonade
5.I am so happy for a good friend who won a HUGE sigma give away.It's beyond cool that a great and humble person won something awesome.
6.Have you ever fixed an electric appliance with pure violence???It works,really!
7.Annoying new neighbors! The woman has a voice from hell,it's just so demonic.When she calls the kids for lunch,all heavy metal bands united won't reach her level of screaming. The first time I heard that I was almost sure that either the antichrist had arrived on earth or Dani Filth is giving birth to an elephant.
8.I am also very sick and tired of people and their phoney double standards......But on the other hand it is such a great feeling to tell a person that you know they just lied to you.
9.Tomorrow I will really try and rest.I should rest the knee ,but sadly life doesn't allow it right now.But tomorrow I shall be a lazy person and stay in bed all day or surround myself with beauty products.
10.Oh and I managed to piss the poor chinchilla off even more: Placing him in a pottery-basket and taking pictures.


  1. "..either the antichrist had arrived on earth or Dani Filth is giving birth to an elephant." xD xD xD

    That chinchilla looks like it's plotting something o_o

  2. The chinchilluminati are indeed plotting the end of days.

  3. Your chinchilla cracks me up! Love the pic and the fact that it throws fits! And I'm so with you on my soul being chocolate corrupt too! You are not alone!

  4. #6: YES! And it becomes difficult to control subsequent losses of temper once you learn that they are actually quite effective... :-D

    Mr. Chinchilla always brightens my day. He has so much personality!!

    I am going to go eat a piece of chocolate now, to help your knee feel better. Isn't that how it works? ;)

  5. Mr. Chinchilla is so adorable! I totally agree with the parliament paper! I hate it when it said non stick but it's sticking!!!!

  6. I am smitten with your chinchilla dude.
    Hahahaha, the neighbors story cracked me up.
    Rabbits can throw rage fits too. I had a guest pet rabbit once staying at my apt. At first it pretended to by shy, then the god damn thing acted like it owned the place and attacked me all the time. Tsk tsk tsk.

  7. I can't stop laughing!! :D :D

  8. Hahahaha! xD
    Ahhh I love your chinchillaa!! So cute! *o*

  9. @Peach : Thank god I am not alone!
    @VicKitty: Yes thank you,I really felt the magic of the chocolate-voodoo
    @Rabbits can be really rowdy rodents :D <3
    @Nat : XD
    @Hari: Thanks doll


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