My 10 imperfections

We are all not perfect!

1.I'm kind of stuck in my past : Everybody has had one or maybe more childhood traumas.I somehow still get haunted by the past which sometimes prevents me from looking in the future.

2.Keeping my mouth shut in situations when I should stand up for myself : I prefer to be quiet sometimes not to cause drama.In rather unimportant situations I stand up for myself and I can get quite nasty.

3.Sometimes I am too hard on myself : A screwed up mani,a spilled drink or a slightly inedible dish can really push me to the edge.It is not good to punish yourself by thinking what a mess you just produced and how ugly it is.

4.I am too attached to some inanimate objects : There are a few belongings that have a certain holy status for me and when other people touch those object or even worse treat those object without any respect ,I fall apart and usually just cry my eyes out.

5.Trying to look strong in moments of weakness : Sometimes you just have to let people around you know,that you are not feeling too good,emotionally or physically.Especially in front of my loved ones I try to keep it together as much as possible.

6.Overindulgence : Give me a box of chocolate and I will take care of it in no time.It really takes some effort to only eat  one or two pieces.

7.Tiny things can ruin my day : The first 10 minutes of the day determine how the rest of my day will be.

8.Sexual references or people implying something sexual to a perfectly normal phrase bring out a very very evil side of me.Here in Greece you can't say Banana or Cucumber in male presence ,because they automatically associate something sexual with those two things.I have thrown a lot of bitch-fits ......a lot of them.Banana Pudding is banned from my list of deserts to serve guests.

9.F-words : Even here on the blog I have to really control myself not to speak like a  cheap Gordon Ramsay knock-off.It's a baaaad habit

10.Not being able to put clothes back into the closet properly : I hate this habit.Every week a mountain of clothes is piled up on my vanity.And every week I promise myself to make an effort.But then at night I am too sleepy to put them away AGAIN.

Do you have any imperfections you would like to share>?????


  1. The first 3 are just like me. I am really harsh on myself, and I'm pissed for a little thing.
    Oh and when I see chocolate, it doesn't live long either. I think I could also make such a long list :P

  2. Well, I'm sure I have more than 10! Btw, no.10 applies for me too. What else? I like the "artistic mess" and I don't make my bed. And I usually postpone things I don't like.

  3. I always procrastinate. If I have something to do that is important in the slightest way, I will find a million unimportant things to do first. Then I get all panicky because I have not enough time left.
    Chocolate/biscuits/chips: Never have I stopped at one, or even half a box. My soul is uneasy until all of it is gone.
    I try not to speak vulgar, but in all honesty, I love it. F*ck manners :P

  4. I tend not to keep my mouth shut, when I should! I am so with you on the chocolate! :) And I have had to clean up my foul language because I was offending people in my workplace! They used to say I have a mouth worse than a sailor and I offend truck drivers!

  5. No,e have no "safe" room or something, but at least the kitchen has no windows and we can go there, if the worst come to the worst :/

  6. I think the biggest one for me is the reputation I've built for myself. I'm too much of a Good Girl. It's limiting.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing dolls! I am quite happy I'm not alone.Well we are all human and not perfect at all. :D

  8. omg i can't agree more with no 8 ! banana pudding ? how about ordering banana juice (amita) at a cafe? it's so annoying. Remember, there are only dirty minds and not words!
    I am emotionally attached to some objects too, such as little paper boxes from my childhood.

    kisses :D


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