I felt crafty......Art at it's worst

Hi dolls

Every once in a while I feel the need to paint or draw,despite the fact that my skills are not the best.But it's better to draw badly than not drawing at all!!!Usually I draw very weird stuff which is kind of private because it exposes too much of my mental state,but the following two projects won't be too weird.
Let's start with the happy stuff shall we?
It is supposed to be a chinchilla comic where a chinchilla begs the human (depicted as a pair of legs and feet) for a treat,but doesn't get it.And because chinchillas are slightly evil it chews the tv cable as an act of revenge.
click to enlarge

The second piece of paper and paint is rather crazy......A primate skull(?)...well a skull of some sort with lipstick and a really swirly eye condition.There is also a jelly bean with a top hat and a flower.
I am not sure why I painted this,but I surely had a great time doing it :D

I think I have to share another fact: During my years at school I always had bad grades at art,because it is so difficult for me to draw something a teacher wants to be drawn.
"Draw a pumpkin kids.....with water colors"
Me:" But I don't wanna draw a pumpkin and I haaaaaate water colors"
"But cookingchinchillas,you are at school and sadly the curriculum demands the students to draw pumpkins"
Me :" Oookaay :("
So I just painted a huge orange dot on a black background and gave it some stripes.....
What was your craziest art project?



  1. nice Blog :)


  2. Oh, we had the craziest art teacher ever! Luckily, I'm crazy too so my grades were good but not without spending hours working! We did everything you can imagine! Pencils, charcoal, water colour, drawing with ruler and thin black markers, a linoleum thing, we even used potatoes for stamping!!

  3. "I am not sure why I painted this,but I surely had a great time doing it"
    Isn't that what matters most? I'm much to harsh on myself, but if I had a fun time making something, then hell why not appreciate it? Art is my escape from stress, after all :-P

    I used to hate watercolor. Thankfully I have had (and still do) amazing art teachers. But my art teacher this year has never heard of Nosferatu o_o

  4. Thank you for sharing ladies


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