The sins of the blogger-world

1.Stealing pictures or content :  This is actually a crime.If you don't add the source of the content or picture or re-upload it without the permission of the owner,you can get into big trouble.Especially when the thief  pretends the pictures are his/her property ,the situation gets ugly.Thank god there are backwards search engines that can locate stolen content or pictures pretty quickly.

2.Nasty Anonymous comments : Trolls can be quite funny,no question! But when the comments have sexual or racist themes it's just a pain to deal with.On this blog you can't comment anonymously because of  that reason.

3.Being affected by free products : At some point every beauty blogger will receive free products for review purposes and some companies will try to get you to say that their product is great for some sort of payment.
A lot of famous beauty bloggers went down that lane and they recommend crappy,expensive products just for some freaking dollars.

4.Trash-Blogs : There are actual blogs that have just one purpose....Trashing another blog.I came across a blog a while ago that was so pathetic.The trash-blogger was writing about a fashion blogger who tries to trick her readers into believing that all her purses were real designer purses.The trash-blogger was sure that the purses are fake,cheap-ass knockoffs.  I remember leaving a three-lettered comment : " WTF" 

5.Using deceiving titles : The stupid Youtube trend of using titles containing names of famous artists infected the bloggesphere."Lady Gaga-Judas official  HD "  Or constantly using lyrics from famous songs as a title just to gain views.C'moooon that's dumb.

6.Cry baby-bloggers : If a blogger asks his readers to do him a favor (Vote,Poll,survey,follow on fb/tw) and he doesn't get the response he has wished for is not a big deal.But there are actually some bloggers who think their readers are their fans and would do anything for their master.......
And then they create a post :" The world is such a bad place,even my own readers and followers won't support me....bla bla bla,cry cry cry" Errrrr Hello???

All of the above are not intended to hurt anybody's cyber-feelings they are just a personal chinchilla point of view.
If you feel cyber-butt-hurt,please sue the chinchilla ,because he controls my thoughts by sitting on my head using tele-chinchillopathy.OK?


  1. Haha! You have a pretty strong chinchillas! Sigh...The blogging world is like that. I really hate when people steal content! Why can't they wrote their own? LOL

  2. Dude, my worst is "if you follow me, I'll follow you back". Wtf? If you don't like my blog enough to follow in the first place then bugger off. Sheesh. As if we're blogging just so that any little f*ckhead will do us the favor of following us.
    Sorry about that, you started it :P

  3. Great post, so true! I always forget to mention the source of pictures, though... I try to add it as often as possible, but I tend to forget that. I'm going to pay closer attention from now on.

  4. You nailed it! I had to make sure I wasn't committing any of these sins. I even make sure to link back to the blog or post that inspired me! I even give you credit on my DIY page for starting my DIY obsession! :)

  5. I have to comment on the first sin and make it clear that when someone does for example a sea inspired make up and then another person uses the same/similar colours it's not copying or stealing! People on YouTube get crazy, luckily bloggers are not THAT crazy yet! But you are right, writing that you own a photo/post that you don't is a sin. I usually prefer to post my ugly, unprofessional photos and wish my readers won't mind :)

  6. You really have something going on here: I totally agree with this post and the comments.

    Oh, Tumblr is much worse. Good luck with citing something on that site: once it's viral, it's viral. The more something is reblogged, the harder it is to trace back. And a lot of kids on Tumblr will also beg for following and comments.

    Oh, and the little picture at the end is cute ^^

  7. Anonymous06:13

    Very true. Trolls are the worst. Though I have to admit that I was just a little bit excited the first time I got trolled.

  8. lol... but right said :-D

  9. @Nat: with stealing content I actually mean copy-paste stuff.Inspirations are totally okay to copy :)
    @Y: Gurl,you always crack me up.If I didn't have a cast on my knee,I would have rolled on the floor loling.

    Thank you for participating dolls!

  10. halloo meine liebe,
    das mit den rückwärtssuchmaschinen würde mich interessieren. kann man da wirklich herausfinden ob jemand meine texte benutzt??

  11. Ugh, the first one makes me LIVID! I see it ALL the time on blogs; images that are clearly not original, but no source is cited. I've even seen articles that were OBVIOUSLY cut-pasted in their entirety, without even the slightest indication that the person didn't author those posts themselves. I agree with The Peach that it's courteous to mention the name of another blogger who inspired you to do a particular post, even if your post is 100% original. Yet I also agree with Natalie that just because we post a general look, that look is not "ours." Only the actual images we create or the words we write are implicitly copyrighted.

    I'm glad you mentioned item #5... I was thinking of doing a month of posts with song lyrics for all the titles (citing the name of the song and band, of course) just because music is such an inherent part of the Goth culture and it kinda goes hand-in-hand with fashion in the sense that it's all part of how we express ourselves... But now I am re-thinking that idea, as I don't want to come across as using those words just to get attention. I didn't know people would see it that way, but it does make sense!


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