DIY Goth Hair Accessory Bow

Hi dolls

I have quite a few small bow-clips for my hair,but since I wear a messy,puffy bun quite a lot,I thought I would make a bigger bow.
I used:
a piece of synthetic fabric ( a sleeve of a stretchy top to be correct)
needle thread
metal hair clip
Little mesh with rhinestone

Because a lot of  hair accessories that are glued to the clip have  a tendency to fall off after some time,I thought I use some thread to secure it even more.
The fabric is quite fuzz-free because you just lightly burn the edges with a liter and it will melt into a perfect seam.
Just fold it,give it a few stitches and add the rhinestones in the middle.Glue the bow to the hair clip and secure it with a series of stitches.If you have a hot glue gun,you won't need to do that.

That was quite a spontaneous late night crafting session :d

Time to go to bed ;)

Huggies and my thoughts go out to the east coast people!


  1. Sweet dreams! xxx

  2. My little chinchilla master, don't worry, the hurricane is gone & everything is ok! Thank you for your concern, the parasite that is called Y and hangs around your blog all day is now back! Hahaha! :)))

  3. I used to have facebook but I don't bother anymore! Most people just got on my nerves (I sound like a horrible person don't I? :P) and the ones I like, I talk to anyway, through msn or skype (skype mostly now!)

  4. Awww thank god you are safe!You are not a parasite of course....eek I shall email you

  5. I love it! I need to be less shy and wear hair accessories more ofter!


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