Oldies but Goldies (or how to piss off a sales person *lol*)

Hi dolls
Our local beauty store puts out essence products from older collections once in a while with a great discount.And I had a chance to stock up some products that I liked.
The last time I went there I didn't see any of the old products which was a huge bummer,because I really liked the SOS nail savers cuticle oil and growth activator.
I asked the sales woman (this sales woman is lazy and very unfriendly) where the products were.
She just shook her head and left......
Yeah very friendly. But shaking your head is not an answer! So I went after her and asked her nicely if she could look in their storage room if there were any SOS nail savers left.
She wasn't amused at all,but she went.
After a few minutes she came out with a small basket of nail savers *Yay*

I picked my products and went to the cash register 99 cents for each product (I took all the remaining cuticle oils *lol*)

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  1. agh snotty sales women.. UGH! nice purchase!!!!! :)

  2. I hate sales woman like that

  3. Anonymous20:42

    Giveaway από το Beauty e-studio και τις "Κακές Συνήθειες"

  4. Thank you for the comments dear dolls!


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