Tip of the day : Sun block for the face

When you are using some sunblock products on your face they can be a little on the oily side and they will prevent your make up from staying put.And because some sunblocks are water resistant,even a great make up setting spray won't do much.
The solution is easy: Just mix some foundation primer into the sunscreen and apply 20 minutes prior to applying your make up.This way the primer will utilize the oils of the sunscreen to provide a smooth base for your make up.And within 20 minutes your skin will have time to absorb the product better.
Another great way to prevent sun block from ruining your make up is a finely milled mineral powder to set the whole make up.


  1. I like how your tips aren't the usual stuff that everyone has heard of already, reheated and reserved. They are actually useful.

  2. amazing tip! all my sunscreens are so oily.. i tried to set them with powder but the oil was always coming back! i'll try it for sure ;)
    xx :)

  3. Great tip!! :)



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