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Hi dolls

Over the last few weeks I have accumulated some things that I purchased and got in the mail. The highlight of the package was the perfume.
Narciso Rodriguez Essence is a perfume that I adore like I haven't adored another perfume.....I went to the beauty shop just to sniff on it,knowing that it will never be mine,because it's expensive like hell.So when the duped knock-off version of the perfume arrived in the mail I completely freaked out.It smells just like the real thing,so yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.In the same package there were also some lovie eyeshadow palettes,a bunch of duo eyeshadows and blushers,which I just send to a fellow blogger for a product swap.
And since some new eye products arrived in the beauty shop,I purchased a waterproof eyeliner pen,a felt tip eyeliner and a sharpener,since my old one is totally lousy.
The essence eyeshadow is a hamster repurchase.It has been discontinued for quite a while,but our local beauty store still sells it,so I took the very last one.I have seven of these now,because I never want to run out of this black.
There will be a review of the products soon :)

Ohhh that perfume! OMG Oh my god please help me.....I am rarely that crazy about a product.I shall find out where to get these knock-offs.By the way: For a knock-off the perfume is really amazing and doesn't wear off after 1 hour.

Ecstatic Huggies
Cookingchinchillas,(who's house smells like the lair of Narciso Rodriguez )

FTC:Some of the products were send to me for free.The review will not be influenced in any way by the free products,because I am honest and I don't believe in 'fixed' reviews.

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  1. Thats awesome you found a great dupe perfume! That can be hard to do!


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