Healthy red iced tea (rose hip,rooibos,hibiscus)

Hi dolls

Today I experimented with red teas,because I was looking for a new ice tea flavor desperately,because right now I am trying to skip Green tea because of an issue I have with my tummy.
This actually came out really good and it was gone within 1 hour.
You need:
1,5 liters of very cold water water
3 teabags rose hip tea
3 teabags of rooibos tea (redbush tea)
1 bag of hibiscus tea
1/4 teaspoon citric acid or a tablespoon lemon juice
15 ice cubes
optional: sweetener/honey/fructose/sugar/agave nectar

Take 500 ml of the water and bring it to a boil in a small pot/deep saucepan .Add the teabags,sweetener and citric acid and remove from the stove.Steep for 8 minutes.Fill the ice into the pitcher and pour the tea over the ice.Immediately add the cold water and you are ready to sip your very healthy red iced tea.

Health benefits of rose hip: 
-Rich in Vitamin A,B,C,E,K
-better digestive function
-helps the body to build up resistances for infections of all kinds
-has a detoxifying ability

Health benefits of rooibos :
-Rooibos is richer in antioxidants and flavonoids than green tea,which means it helps to fight free radicals which cause aging signs.
-reliefs tummy related pains like trapped winds,cramps and spasms.
-it's good for the teeth
-rooibos is also great for mild headaches,insomnia,anxiety,stress relief

Hibiscus benefits:
-diuretic (detoxifying)
-great for weightloss,because it limits the bodies carb-absorption

-lowers cholesterole
-regulates blood pressure
-great natural anti-depressant

Pretty awesome benefits I would say :)


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