10 things

1.When I am nervous I can't speak Greek very well.Had to call a big-shot lawyer and totally forgot to tell him who I am *lol* Thankfully he noticed how nervous I was and told me :" Girl,I am a human just like you!Calm down"

2.Greek people kiss each other cheeks to say hello.....That's perfectly okay as long as you don't salivate on my cheek.Ewww! Oh god I felt so gross.

3.My first act as a employee on vacation : Sleeping till 10 o clock.That was fabulous!

4.Cats have this wonderful gift: You sit on the sofa and cuddle with your kitty and then they flatulate and all the calm relaxing atmosphere is GONE.

5.I don't like the fact that all youtube stars suddenly have sisters,brothers who also do videos.

6.Today I wanted to go to the beauty store,but the hot weather won't let me *cry*

7.A friend told me today :" I wish you would wear normal make up and clothes,sometimes its annoying to get stared at because of you....My answer:"Okay from now on you will go out by yourself"  Her answer:" You are such an egoist"  

8.Greece finally has some proper animal related laws *yay*

9.Have you ever dreamed of waking up and brushing your teeth??? It's so weird to wake up and be like :"Huuuh? But I already brushed my teeth"

10.Today will be the day of relaxing.I shall sit/lay on every sofa and bed in this house and not worry about work.


  1. i luv a relaxing day~~~and ya you r totally right~~~all the youtubers all suddenly have blood relatives that also do videos...but also their bf/gf, their bestfrd...its not annoying to me, cuz i simply just don't care


  2. Lol, cat farting. Love it. My dog used to burp a lot, and my friends huuuge dog used to snore.
    Friend? More like "friend" sounds to me..
    And yeah, the youtube thing is a little fishy to say the least. At least we can choose who to sub to, but still..

  3. Aw, don't complain about cats. Come back to me when you've been in the same room when a puppy has done that! One of my dogs burped in my face this morning, lol.

    I have done that also, where you wake up and you swear you need to/have already brushed your teeth. I once woke up wanted to eat breakfast, thinking that 5:00pm was 5:00am xD

  4. :d Thanks for sharing your comments <3

  5. 9. I actually have! When I have an important meeting or somewhere special to go in the morning I sometimes dream about waking up and getting dressed etc. Then I do wake up and I'm like whaaat? why am I still in my pj's? LOL!!!


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