70's Flower Power Hippie Nails +a rant

Hi dolls

When I am in a bad mood,glitter always cheers me up.Well more the mess loose glitter creates.
There is nothing more beautiful than little glitter particles flying through the air.
My mood wasn't that bad ,but I was quite bummed when I woke up to a different living room.Mother in law make-over.She draped red and gold synthetic fabric over every chair and sofa possible.If she knew how to open the chinchilla cage,she would have continued there....
Since it was morning,I didn't waste my energy on throwing a fit,I just said :"Whatever" -Telos panton in Greek.
I don't need to explain you that I ripped off the red mess the minute she left.
To get my mind back into a happy state,I created a huge glitter mess with my favorite duochrome fine green glitter.
Here is the result :)
Quick flowers on a dark dark blue background with flowers consisting of nothing more than dots.After the last nail art that took forever,I wasn't interested in spending hours on nail art again.

Huggies+ Gliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittter for you all



  1. You rock at nail art! I wish I can be like you!

  2. Yay for glitter! Love the nail art! I would have been pissed if my mother in law attempted to redecorate anything in my house! You managed well!

  3. Pfff, everytime my mum comes visiting she changes everything! Now my "breakfast" shelf is full with spices and coffee is next to salt! I should better change them or I'll end up making salty cake with chocolate!

  4. Ooops, I didn't comment on the design! lol! It's is lovely, the colours look perfect together and glitter is always a good thing! :D

  5. Hahaa greek women love to re-design


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