The essence of chillaxing:

Once in a while every human being needs time to relax and just enjoy to be lazy.
Today was such a day for me,because the last week was a tutti frutti of emotions.....Great epic moments,baaad baaaad fights,lies,backstabbing,forgiving,overcoming major fears,finding inner strength and feeling like an alien.

At least it wasn't boring !
So today I treated myself with not getting up until 11 am,having a huge decaf-caramel-frappe-au lait.
And I spend  a lot of quality time with the animals,because animals have innocent souls and they are sincere.

For lunch I had a tomato basil soup with hot bread rolls.....dinner was a fruit salad with yogurt.
Now I shall create a playlist with great metal and chillax on every piece of furniture that is chillaxable!

Huggies and have a Great Week!


  1. Sheesh, sounds like hell babe. Let your mind take a break..

  2. Good mix .. metal playlists and relaxing :-D


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