Selfmade Setting Spray /Mist


When wearing any kind of facial powder we often have the problem that it has to be touched up every few hours.
And to be honest I hate to touch my white powder up every once in a while.Setting spray/mist is the answer!
It makes the little powder spheres/particles stick to the skin and gives the make up a flawless look.
Buying a good setting mist with natural ingredients is hard.So I created my own formula.
The only bad thing about this formula is,that it spoils/gets bad in 5-7 weeks.So I throw mine away after 5 weeks.
This stuff will refresh your skin and care for it,while you are rocking your favorite make up

You need :
100 ml purified water or distilled water
1/2 teaspoon glycerin (avalible at the pharmacy)
1 drop tea tree oil (Essential oil !!!!)
1 drop sage oil (Essential oil !!!!!)
1 tablespoon rose water
1 teabag quality green tea

Mist/spray bottles
rubbing alcohol
coffee filter

Ok the key to success is to work as clean as possible.Before using any cups/bowls/spoons clean them with rubbing alcohol.

Bring the purified water to a boil in the microwave and add the teabag.Let the tea steep for 6 minutes and filter with a coffee filter.
In a clean small bowl mix the glycerin and the essential oils.In another clean bow combine all the ingredients and mix well.
Now you can fill this into little spray/mist bottles.
You can also pour the leftovers into a plastic cup,cover it with cling film/plastic wrap and store them in a freezer

You can use this after putting on your make up or on a hot day to refresh your skin because the tea tree oil and the sage oil soothe the skin and the glycerin and the rose water deeply hydrate it.
It can also be used on the hair to add some shine.


(I am not responsible for any unwanted reactions or allergies .Use on own risk)

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