Devil and Angel Nail Art Design

Hi dolls

Today's Nail art is inspired by the 69 Eyes.They sing about devils and angels,the eternal struggle of good and evil.
I was really happy to remove the leo-print nails,because I am not a fan of animal prints,but hey they looked okay.
The golden lovie polish that I used for a background really has become my favorite out of the bunch,because it is so pigmented and applies so effortless.

I loooove lazy days by the way: sleeping in till 11,eating a nice lunch and enjoying the comfort of your own home.

What do you like to do on lazy days???(Well apart from being lazy XD)



  1. Man, bringing back more memories of some of the first bands I got into. Personally, I prefer their older stuff but I thoroughly enjoy the Angels and Devils work.

    Um. Lazy days? Napping. Looking at blogs :-P

  2. Ooooohh, the 69 eyes, I love them! And I love your nails too, so cute devils xD
    Mmmh today is a lazy day for me, waking up late, then drinking hot chocolate, reading fashion magazines and eating candies, checking blogs, or simply doing nothing without feeling guilty.. ooohh, it's the best thing!!! xD

  3. aww, cute mani!! Lazy day for me too, reading blogs, mani-pedi, things like that.

  4. cute :)
    i put make-up on,watch tv & i am lazy at these days :D

  5. Thank you for sharing dolls


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