DIY Goth pressed powder

Hi Dolls
My Make up box was full with almost empty face powders.(HD powder,Manic Panic white powder,finely milled powder)So I just threw them all in one pot and pressed them.
You need:
2 tablespoons powder of your choice (If the powder is compact,crush it with a fork)
1/2 teaspoon white pigment with no shimmer
1-2 teaspoons rubbing alcohol
Empty powder pan
Paper towel
a glass that has a flat bottom and approx the same size as the powder pan.

I had HD powder,white powder and powder that fits my skin tone.The powders were all compact,so I had to crush them.In a small mixing bowl,I mixed rubbing alcohol and the powders until the texture becomes thick and paste-like.Place the mixture in the powder pan and wait for 20-30 min to proceed.
After 20 minutes some of the alcohol should have evaporated and you are ready to press.
Take your paper towel and place it on the powder paste.With the bottom of the glass gently press down.
Check if the powder is distributed evenly and fix little wholes with your fingers.Gently press again.
Your powder should dry over night.To prevent dust and bacteria from falling on your powder,cover it with a loose paper towel.

I am really happy with the result! Goth HD powder!!!! It is not clown-white,because it has 30 % flesh toned powder in it,so the result is very natural.
This powder even passed the HD test,which is rare for Goth white powders,because they usually make your face look ghostly white in HD videos.

I will do the same with some blushes too.There are so many almost empty pans and I need room!



  1. Anonymous16:14

    voll geil! werde ich auch mal machen mit meinen puderresten!! ist ja quasi wie lidschatten pressen <3

  2. Ja,genau wie Eyeshadows pressen.
    Danke fuer den Besuch :)

  3. Sweet! Love the name No. 666 Pale Flesh! Awesome! Glad you made a color that works great for you!

  4. Thx Peach :)
    Have a great day!

  5. Μήπως μπορείς να μου πεις πώς θα βρω/ζητήσω το rubbing alcohol στα ελληνικά? Είναι το γνωστό καθαρό οινόπνευμα που κυκλοφορεί και σε σούπερ μάρκετ?

  6. To transparent oinopnevma me toulaxiston 93*.Sto carrefour/marinopoulos exei ena fovero.Legetai " Ygeia Alkoolouxos losion"


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