Tip of the day : Longer Lasting Polish

If your nail polish chips fairly quick,don't blame it on the brand right away,because usually you can make any polish last longer by following easy tips.
1.After removing old nail polish,you should always wash your hands with soap,because a lot of nail polish removers contain oils.And oils will prevent your nail polish from adhering to your nails.
2.Before applying a base coat you can file the surface of your nails with a very fine nail file.
3.Even clear polish can be used as a topcoat,but usually hydrating base coats or nail hardeners/ridge filler do a great job.
4.A good top coat : This is essential to keep a manicure beautiful.You don't have to spend a lot of money ,because basically any top coat and even a layer of clear polish will make a huge difference.
5.The free edge: The very tips of your nail have to face a lot of stress,because you use your fingers for almost everything.Applying a very thin coat of topcoat on the free edge of your nail will prevent tip-chips.
If you have longer nails,don't forget to apply a thing layer to the sides of the nail.


  1. Anonymous19:12

    Thanks for the tip! I'm so hard on my nails that the polish only last a day or two. I'll keep this in mind.

    Hey, I was wondering what you thought of OPI's new crackle nail polish? They're marketing a Halloween set -- a green glow-in-the-dark base and a black, crackle polish to put on top. I almost bought it last night, but at $16 for two nail polishes I hesitated and then put it back. Granted, it was at Essentials in the mall and I probably can get it cheaper at Ricky's in NYC. Thoughts?

    Hugs from NYC!


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