Dramatic Neutrals

Hi dolls

I usually don't do my make up when I am furious,but I had to do my make up,because a make up artist with a crappy complexion and dark circles doesn't necessarily make a good impression.
So while the big fat Greek Family fight was going on,I did my make up *lol*
I wasn't involved in the fight but yelling and shouting is not nice to be around.
No need to say that I messed up the eyeliner wing,so I did multiple wings :D

Have a great peaceful Saturday Dolls!

I am soooooo going to chow down a whole chocolate bar right now.


  1. wann trägst du eigentlich diese tollen amus?
    es sieht immerwieder fantastisch an dir aus!
    LG zum WE

  2. das habe ich mir gedacht und auch gehofft. ich finde es unglaublich schön.

    ich find dich klasse ♥

  3. ich bin bei fb...auch unter dem namen tinnymey.....immer inkognito *g*

  4. That sucks that people were fighting :( Your makeup still looks beautiful! Hope your day got better!


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