Kraeuterbutter (German 'herby' butter)


Kraeuterbutter is something essential for me.I can't live without it.
It is a piece of butter with fresh herbs inside.The recipe varies from region to region.
You can use this butter in so many ways:
On fresh,warm baguette
On your Steak
On your veg
You can cook with it and give a nice flavor to foods.

You need :
75 gr real Butter
1/4 clove garlic
2-3 tablespoons fresh parsley
1/2 teaspoon fresh dill
salt pepper
3 drops of lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon fresh chives

Put the butter in a bowl and put it in a warm room for 30 min so it softens,but doesn't melt.
Chop the herbs and the garlic as fine as you can and then crush them in a mortar ,so they release their aromatic oils.
Now mix them with the butter and the lemon juice.
Fill in a clean container with lid or roll it in a wax paper.
You should make the Kraeuterbutter one day in advance,because it is even yummier the second day.
You can freeze it or keep it in the fridge for 1 week.
I freeze it in small portions.I use little plastic containers from the Pizza delivery.


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