10 things

1.Wow what a day! Great moments versus shabby moments.......A day like this is somewhat hard to process and I can't really get over it.
2.The good part is : The truth always shines through the dirty puddle of lies.
3.Amy W's passing kind of saddens me,because her music was one of the few popular songs that I liked.And her eyeliner wing was the Lamborghini of wings !
4.Lately the animal cruelty in my inner circle of people kind of awoke.One dude throws his pet mice out of the window and the other wants to get rid of one pet to make room for another pet.The one with the mice is no longer my friend.
5.What is it with money,some people forget their pride and self respect because of money.I think the way cartoons portrait money-hungry people is brilliant.Dollar signs in their eyes...............
6.Have you ever fought with a rodent?A chinchilla performing a castle siege like mission to get on your head to somehow get to the pear you are eating...pure joy.But he got slightly mad,so I stood up.Pear is a nono with our chinchilla.Gollum is nothing compared to chinchillum agressivum.
7.I went to a local fast food shop to get some food and I was wearing a thick eyeliner with 4 or 5 wings and huge dots.The dude who took my order was elderly and he was like :"Why girl,you shouldn't have gotten a tattoo close to the eyes.Tattoos are cancer......You will be old and have this tattoo..You will go blind"  My partner was loling his butt off and I was like :" *Giggle* It's make up fellow,don't worry"   Yeah :) That certainly was the highlight of today.
8.I made three jars of Yellow Mango-Nectarine Vanilla Jam and it will be tested tomorrow.I tried Mango and Mint combo a few days ago,but naah that wasn't my cup of tea.Lavender and Mango should be interesting.
9.Every time I have a drink,I regret it the minute my brain starts to do random things.Just experienced a moment of absolute void in my brain.
10.A moment of silence for the victims of the tragedy in Norway.My heart goes out to their families and friends.


  1. Weird days. Norway, Amy Winehouse. I'm not having my best of times either. :/
    A chinchilla story is always welcome though!

  2. "Gollum is nothing compared to chinchillum agressivum." Made my day!

    Yeah, Amy's death was pretty .. shocking, even if I saw it coming. Again, that eerie number 27.

    As far as I know, I have distant relatives in Norway. Thinking about preparing some original tracks for sale and using the money as donation? Not sure how long that will take, but the Norway tragedies have really ruined this week for me :-/

  3. I was shocked to hear Amy passed. Sad :( Too funny about the guy who thought your makeup was a tattoo! And the jam sounds awesome!

  4. Thank you dolls you are really the best <3


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