Boredom DIY

Hi dolls!

When I came back home the boredom monster made it's dramatic entrance.
I really wanted to craft something,so I thought I would sew a special occasion chinchilla blanket.Our chinchilla loves to nap on something soft and he has this raggedy turquoise fleece blanket which I made 3 years ago.
So I thought I would make a fancy blanket for special occasions with visitors,when the cage has to look pretty.
With all the tulle fabric and visible stitching it's not ideal for chinchillas,because they are rodents and like to chew on a lot of things.Our chin is very cool and he doesn't chew on fabric,but I wouldn't leave the fancy blanket in during the night when we sleep.
I am thinking about making another (safe) blanket these days .

The dark shape is a heart btw :)
I attach 3 strips of ribbon to 3 edges,so I can tie the blanket to the cake to prevent slipping and sliding



  1. Well, if I was the chinchilla, I would still like my old blanket. Those things are sentimental lady! Tsk tsk tsk.


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