Purple theme

Hi dolls

Gaaaah! Purple theme event.I like the color purple,but a purple dress code is a no go.I made a compromise with the host: Purple mani,Purple make up and a purple ribbon.

And while taking the make up pictures the phone started ringing......XD  The result is a funny blooper picture while trying to look at the display of the phone :D

Kind of scaaaary

Tomorrow I will go in an all black outfit and make up to recover from that purple overload that awaits me.

Off to purple hell :)



  1. Ah, I am a HUGE fan of purple, so I love this look. You should fit in just fine, even wearing all black. The purple shadow is so bold, and just gorgeous!!

  2. Such pretty eyes. Probably my favorite makeup!

  3. Soooo pretttty! Love this purple look! But of course I'm a huge purple girl! And your blooper shot cracks me up! :)

  4. Hahahah! Poios epairne tilefwno kale kai gourlwses etsi ta matia?
    May I just say my lady, you have outdone yourself with the eyeliner art this time!

  5. i think the look is very pretty~~~and when i frist saw the last picture i was like "What????" then i read your descriptions...i was like ooo no


  6. I love everything purple and this purple colour is so bright and pretty! Do you remember which eyeshadow you used? lol at the blooper photo!!

  7. Thanks dolls.The phonecall was my bestie btw :D


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