Bright red statement lip

Hi dollies

This is my first lip-photo,so I feel a little insecure.My lips are not full and luscious but I don't really care.
When I have to do serious business I usually do a statement lip and just a very very minimal eye make up.
For a perfect red lip,apply concealer on your lips and around the mouth.Line your lips with a color similar to the lipstick you are using.Then apply the lipstick and gloss.To clean up any mess,you can use a concealer brush with some concealer and clean up any oopsies :)

Just make sure you don't have any lipstick on your teeth :P



  1. Your lips look great! Love the color! I have such a hard time pulling off red, but it looks like you do it beautifully!

  2. Gorgeous color! I have a hard time finding reds that aren't a touch orange or pink... And why does the red get on your teeth so badly!? I never have trouble with any color but red.

    You should do more "lip looks."

  3. @Peach: I think you could pull of red with a pinkish undertone.
    @Kitty: Yes,finding the right shade of red takes quite some patience.

    Thanks dolls

  4. lovely color....I usually use the lip pencil to fill my lips so the color would last longer!

  5. Pretty colour! Thumbs up for statement lips!


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