10 facts about me

1. I hate weddings! I have managed to fall asleep during almost all of wedding ceremonies I attended.
2.At the age of 15-16 I tried not be Goth.....Listened to R'n'b and going to clubs.
3.I have a condition called hypermobility/hyper flexibility,which allows me to contort my joints in crazy ways.
4.From the age of 4 until the age of 17 I had to visit ballet classes,but a clumsy ballerina has no future :D
5.Although I am a Goth,I don't do Graveyards.
6.A dude tried to steal my purse once and the adrenaline turned me into a mean fighting machine and the bastard got his butt kicked badly.
7.Billy Idol's White Wedding makes me dance like no other song!
8.I am probably one of the few people who like getting their blood drawn by a doctor.Anything that has to do with needles is fun.During a surgery I specifically asked for  a local anesthesia ,so I could watch the doctor.
9.One of the biggest problems is that I am way to hard on myself.I beat myself up for stupid things like a crooked eyeliner.
10.I need a lot of structure and planning in my every day life,because I always want to be prepared for any occasion that might pop up.


  1. Very interesting insight into your "soul" - and a very cute picture ;-)

  2. I hate weddings also! My husband and I went to the courthouse to get married. But I'm not down with needles! I can't watch when I have blood drawn!

  3. 1.You sleep during weddings? hahaha!
    8.Are you kidding me?? I couldn't even watch NipTuck!


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