DIY Complexion perfection (aka guerlain meteorites dupe )

Hi dolls

Guerlain has this amazing product that consists of different colored powder pearls to even out the complexion.
It costs a lot of money and it smells like a grandma's cologne.
The theory behind this product is based on colors that cancel out each other: Green neutralizes red,salmon/red neutralizes blue an lavender neutralizes yellow/orange.
When you have a little hue of all those colors in your powder,your complexion will look a lot smoother and more even.
I thought I would try and make a version of the meteorites in a pressed powder form.Now I will just assume,that you already know how to press powders.
You need:
-Your favorite facial powder
-light green matte pigment
-salmon colored matte pigment
-blue-ish lavender pigment
-small amount of hd-powder (optional)

-rubbing alcohol
-pan,powder case
-3 shotglasses to mix

First mix your powder,hd powder with the rubbing alcohol and turn it into a paste.Take away 3  half teaspoons and place the content in a shot glass.In each shot glass mix a tiny amount of colored pigment,so you get a pastel color.
Randomly scoop powder-batches  into the pan,so you get a nice random color pattern.

Press firmly and let it set for 48 hours.

Once I finished this product,it fell down and chipped a bit :S It still works amazingly,so no problemo~



  1. That's genius!!! I love diy projects, never occured to me that this was possible, though! So, how is this powder meant to be used? Instead of a setting powder or something to cover uneven areas on the skin?


  2. It can be used as a finishing powder,setting powder,powder foundation :)

  3. That is a really good idea! Especially considering the price of guerlain's, and that not many similar products are around. I saw something like this at elf too.

  4. This turned out awesome! What a great idea to dupe a high end product!

  5. Perfect! I love your diy posts! <3


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