DIY Nail Polish Remover Jar a.k.a The Glitter Terminator

Hi dolls,

Who ever loves Glitter Nail polishes knows how hard it is to get it off your nails.There are different methods that all require quite some patience.And I don't have the patience !Inspired by a product I saw in my local beauty shop,I thought I create something similar for less money.
You need:
A jar (glass or plastic) with a lid that closes well
1-2 dish washing sponges (the ones that have a rough side and a spongy side)
1 sponge towel
1 bottle of random nail polish remover

First cut up your sponges into 3 or 4 pieces,then cut up your sponge towel.The goal is to fill the jar so it is tight inbetween the sponges.Depending on the size of the jar,you may need 1 or two sponges.
Also add some sponge towels inbetween the actual sponges.

The reason for using sponges with a rough side and sponge towels is that glitter and rhinestones can be removed a lot easier,if the glitter has something to stick to.
Once you packed your jar tightly with sponges,fill it up with nail polish remover.Don't pour in the whole bottle.Pour and let the sponges absorb.

Now you are done!
All you got to to to remove glitter,rhinestones and nail polish is to stick your finger inside the jar,place it inbetween the sponges and move the finger.Voila! Glitter removed in 30 seconds.

The actual nail polish remover jar I saw at my local beauty store was quite expensive : 7 Euros.
My DIY version costed:
55 cents for 2 sponges
30 cents for a sponge towel
the jar used to be a mustard jar
nail polish remover 1,35 Euro
=2,20 Euro

Filling up the jar with sponges.....



  1. Anonymous11:42

    hihihi "glitter terminator" ;D gute idee, hatte ich bei dir schonaml irgendwo gesehen glaube ich. ich werd das mal testen, ob damit auch diese better than gel tips abgehen :) du bist meine diy queen!

  2. This is very practical :O Gonna try it someday!

  3. lol, great idea ;-D

  4. Hey :-)
    Das ist ja eine coole Idee! Ich hatte neulich gelesen, dass man Glitter-Nagellack gut mit Bastelvlies abbekommen soll, aber deine Tipp ist ja viel besser :-)
    Liebe Grüße,

  5. What a great I idea! You are always so creative!

  6. wow, that's a really great idea! I'll try it! thanks <3<3


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