Lovely Lovie Haul

Hi dolls,

Yesterday I though I would spoil myself by investing my 4 euros change into nail polish instead of ice cream.
Best decision ever,because nail polish doesn't have calories and it lasts way longer than an ice cream.
The lovie counter had a lot of new arrivals and I was very excited to pick out new colors.
At the moment Lovie is my favorite nail polish brand,because the pigmentation is so great in most of their polishes.
Here are the colors I bought:
-Number 62,which is a classic nude pink perfect for nail art backgrounds
-Number 5,which is a very dark blue.I know it looks black on the photo,but it actually is a very dark blue.
-Number 33,which is also a very classic color.Pearl white.It will be great for formal events
-Number 22,which is the brightest shade of neon pink I have ever seen.This color sadly doesn't show up that well on camera.

I am very pleased with those babies,especially because of the price: 1 Euro per polish!

Huggies and have a wonderful day dolls!


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  1. Lovely colors!! Esp no 22 looks amazing!


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