Extreme Home Make Over (cookingchinchillas edition)

Hi dolls,

We are still fixing the house,but the to-do list get's smaller every day.And today we managed to get three steps closer to a pretty house.
1.The balcony area : This area didn't suffer any damage,but it had turned into a personal junk yard for all those things that had to be thrown away.Everything is cleared now,the furniture is painted and everything is decorated.

2.Woodwork is finished! Because we have heavy winds and ugly rainstorms during the winter we added a little Pergola roof to the entrance area,so that people who actually wait at the door don't get pouring wet or blown away by the wind.

The sun had already set when I took the big picture,so I added a picture with flash to show the actual color of the wood.

3.A Gothic touch for the house :)
Our front door had a boring color.We painted it with an antique color varnish that made the Gothic Lion head door knock stand out.The result is sooo cool and rustic!

Oh and the big fail of the week: The broken window.
The windows are very very very old and wooden.And due to a heavy wind blow the glass came out of the frame and shattered.But it was meant to happen,because the glue/silicone type stuff that holds the glass in place was rotten.The house is old :)

Anyway these are the changes we made today.Tomorrow we won't do anything because we are exhausted like hell.

Huggies and love


  1. i luv the lion knock~~~~very old school looking~~~


  2. I love old houses, despite the fact that something seems to be falling apart all the time. I feel more cosy in a house with history behind it.
    And say hi to Mr. Lion there, he's very pretty :)

  3. Yay! So glad stuff is getting fixed! Love the door knocker!

  4. Good job done! =))) Lovely work on the door!!!

  5. grossartig der blick von deinem balkon....schwärm, der türklopfer ist auch genial!

    ich habe schon viele sachen aus deinem päckchen benutzt........alles so lecker duftend!

  6. Thanks for commenting dollies <3

  7. Good job!! I like the door knock! Did you know that it's called roptro in greek? Weird sounding word, right?? :D


Thank you for commenting,I love to read your comments dolls!

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