Guest Post 3 :Vinegarette-Honey Salad dressing

Vinegarette-Honey Salad Dressing

As a late-night-eater, I get really weird cravings at weird times. So I've come up with a dozen ways to use this recipe to settle my stomach. It's really simple and easy, as well as personalised (i've ne ver made two exactly the same), and well worth it!


Left to right:
Your favourite honey
Balsamic vinegar
Extra virgin olive oil
Pepper (black or white, pictured is white because it's in an easier container)
Whole grain mustard

and, not pictured, an empty jar.

Roughly measure out half and half of oil and vinegar into your jar (however much you want, but don't fill it up too much). This is just a starting point, you'll adjust it while making it. Put the lid back on the jar (we use an old pasta sauce jar) and give it a good shake. Taste it. I myself like it particularly vinegary. Add oil or vinegar depending on taste, along with salt and pepper.

Take the wholegrain mustard and put a big ol' blob into the mixing pot. I like lots and lots of this stuff (i eat it out of the jar, I admit it), but everyone else seems to think I'm insane. What? The burning on your lips means it's good!

Keep tasting til it's right to you. Then take the honey and put a tiny little blob - about a heaped teaspoon should do - into the jar. Screw the lid on TIGHT and shake it really hard. Then taste it, and adjust until just right.

It should look something like this:

I use this for everything. Just before writing this, I had mustard on toast with this dressing. It was amazing. Another good thing is a four-leaf salad with just this as a dressing, or - my favourite - avacado and sheep's milk feta cheese!

You'll be surprised what it goes with.

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