Green Red Peach Gothic Eye Make up

Hi dolls,

Today's look is rather an experiment.I tried a new eyeliner for the eyeliner art which didn't turn out as black as I wanted it to be.But the look is still kind of pretty.
Lately I am into peach colors,don't know why but I love them.

So here is the look :

Have a great Saturday and don't forget to join my huge give-away!

Huggies <3



  1. The peach colors look perfect on you, warm and spring-y!

  2. Beautiful :) One day,I'd really love to see both of your eyes & face :))

    I gave you an award.You can check it here:

  3. Very pretty! Love the green along the lower lashline! And the eyeliner art looks great!

  4. I can´t find a eyeliner that makes perfect lines, I like a thin brush, tried one from Gosh but no luck.

  5. @Nat Thanks huney hun
    @Evinde : Sorry not gonna show my face.Thanks for the award
    @Peach aww thanks
    @Nathalie: Try a thin brush from the crafts store or the essence waterproof eyeliner.


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