Essence Stay all day 16 h concealer review

On the right bottom you can see the illuminating pigments,just enlarge the picture by clicking on it.

Hi dollies

Essence really turned it up a notch with their new products.The previous concealers from essence were good,but nothing too special.
The stay natural concealer was okay and worth it's money and the essence forget it concealer was great for color correction,but it had a slight tendency to slip and slide after a few hours.
I am a concealer lover,because I don't always use foundation,so with a concealer I can cover up the flaws and go out and about.Of course I had to try the stay all day 16 h concealer,which I almost didn't see because it was under the sun club products in the stand.There were two shades available and I went with number 10 natural beige because the other color was too yellow for my skin tone.

Packaging: The essence stay all day comes in a clear plastic tube with a silver cap and silver prints,there is 0.23 fl oz / 7 ml of product.And the product comes with a doe foot wand.

The product: This concealer has a very creamy and soft texture,which melts into the skin and sets to a beautiful silky touch consistency.It is not drying and doesn't settle in fine lines/expression lines like I have under my eyes.
I couldn't notice any significant scent or aroma.

What it promises: "long-lasting,cream-fluid concealer covers under eye shadows and skin imperfections.With light reflecting pigments for a naturally radiant complexion"

My 2 cents: I am soo beyond happy with this product and I really tested it,because at first I was expecting an average concealer that will settle into my fine lines,no matter how much HD powder,setting powder and setting spray I use.
But this essence concealer can finally keep up with high end brands and I feel it is kind of a touche eclat dupe.
Well 'eclat' /illuminating /highlighting concealers are big now anyway,which is a good thing.
I have tried to apply it with a concealer brush,because I am not a big fan of using the wand on my skin and it works soooo well: Buildable coverage which can be medium to full.
For 2 layers I highly recommend a good finely milled setting powder.
Even applied with the fingertips is great and probably quicker,but I am a sanitary freak,so yay concealer brush.
For one coat only you don't need a setting powder if your skin isn't oily and it will really last 16 hours.
With a good setting powder it can last for up to 22 hours (aka the busiest day of my life)

And mixed with a bit of the farmasi concealer,which has a pink-ish/salmon undertone ,this product makes the skin look flawless thanks to the illuminating pigments which you can see right next to the swatch picture.

-great coverage
-easy application
-not drying
-great texture that melts into the skin
-keeps it's promises of being long-lasting

-Packaging : Not very sanitary,and towards the end it will be easy to get to product left-overs.

Conclusion: I definitely recommend this product to everybody.This product can easily be compared to some high end concealers.I will repurchase and probably commit suicide once the product leaves the range.



  1. "Commit suicide" haha funny! :DDD Thank you for this wonderful review :)

  2. Ok, so here's a silly question:
    Where can you get Essence products?
    It just occured to me I've never seen them in the stores :(

  3. I'm a concealer person too that still searching for my HG one:) I will have to give this a try~

  4. thank you for this post! I´m looking so long for a good concealer. this can I buy!

  5. Wow, I'll definitely get it! Thanks so much for this review doll!!

  6. @make up : well I would probably chain myself to the essence stand.
    @Beautycom and some Hondos centers :)
    @Deyi:You should,it's worth it
    @Tinny: :D


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