Guest post 2: So it's Summer- Protips from an Australian Goth

A lot of goths have trouble staying cool. And this makes sense. PVC coats and corsets and boots aren't exactly sunshine-friendly. A lot of goths try to stick to their cold weather gear all year around. It's not going to work.

It gets ridiculous levels of hot here in Australia. When I went to school in Northern NSW (that's the state everything interesting is in, if you're wondering), it got to 119F (which, if you're with the civilised world, is pretty much fifty degrees) and a bajillion percent humidity. It also didn't help that the school was on a flood plain and we had no covered walkways (we had a creek, though, and there were many a day when most of my class MYSTERIOUSLY DISAPPEARED and came back dripping wet). I'm talking heat that makes your hair colour run.

And mine did. I'm not joking. I ran purple and pink. That's the secret reason I'm blonde now.

Aside from that, I have some kind of issue regulating temperature. In layman's terms, when I get hot, I pass out. If I don't cool down, I run the risk of brain damage and seizures.

So I've had to work out how to stay cool - and yeah, it takes a lot of compromise and ridiculous amounts of common sense.

1: Take off the stockings and swap for fishnets. It's a simple task, but a lesson hard-learned. I have a pair of super-cute fishnets with lace and a big red bow on top. Thin, long stocks are great too - I have a great many pairs of stripey knee-high and over-the-knee socks that serve me well.

2: Buy or make some lightweight skirts. Tutus, for example, are great for summer, and easy to make. Long, but breathable, skirts are a great thing. Shirts are easier to come by, and here in Australia, we have the great help that is JayJays, and their amazing-for-summer singlet tops.

3: I'm just going to say it. Buy some cute swimmers. I myself own two bikinis - one is black and white and spots and frills, and the other one is a Gir bikini. Yeah, I have an Invader Zim bikini, and it's the only thing green I can find. I know, swimming isn't "goth as", but it's fun, and you know it. Just remember to look after your skin and make sure to keep moisturised.

4: Parasols! That's all that needs to be said.

Source :     *Jealous*

5: Relating to an earlier point, skincare. that means lots of sun cream, high-quality moisturiser, and, if you can get your paws on it, facial anti-perspirant. Although  you're going to have to tone-down the makeup as well, that stuff helps so much.

6: Anyone here who follows my blog knows I am a giant hippie. If you're as daring in your gothicness as I am, try not wearing shoes. I know. I know, it's crazy. "But Kitty!" You say in a caricaturely high voice. "The roads are hot!" Yeah. Yeah, they are. But after one or two ventures, you work up a callous. Not wearing shoes, and a pair of shorts and a nice jacketdress have been the staple of many a summer for me.

although grey, I assure you this was a hot day.

7: Colours won't hurt you. I know, I know. Black is a goth staple. Blah blah blah. BUT black is dreadfully hot. And in the Victorian era, pastel colours were very popular in dresses!

8: Sunglasses. You need to protect your eyes as much as your skin. I own a pair of sunnies I call my "Lady GaGa Glasses" because they are enormous and with my blonde hair, I just look like her.


not pictured: blonde hair

9: So far, this has all been boring, common sense. I know. But here's one you didn't expect: buy a bonnet. Yeah, weird, huh? Any of my followers would know that I have quite a few of south baptist/anglican/mennonite friends who wear hair coverings every day, including a bonnet. They're far better as an anti-sun garment than I thought, and they're sold by Covered for Him [ ], as well as The Gentleman's Emporium [ ] if you're uncomfortable buying from religious people. The Gentleman's Emporium also sells super-cute Edwardian swimsuits!

10: The commonest of common sense here: stay inside. Summer nights are a lovely temperature of not-hot and not-cold, and can be dressed up, but during the day, if you don't want to compromise, perhaps it's best you stay home, rather than risk heat stroke.

11: Bathe. Most people bathe every day, and you shouldn't (wrecks havoc on your skin to scrub off the outer layer so often), but in the heat, it's important, not just for hygeine, but for skincare, to keep yourself cool and your skin not dry. Summer is a great opportunity for cold showers, which are great for your skin.

Compromise, really, is the key. I lived in a mostly-hippie area and this gives a great appreciation to Indian cottons and hemp. One more tip, just in secret - try the hippie shops for skirts. I used to have (where did it go? 8c ) a great, big, black, swishy long skirt, first skirt I owned since I was two, from the Australian hippie shop, Tree of Life. It was made of Indian cloth and was very lightweight and breezy. Honestly, the best thing I ever did heat-wise was shop with the hippies, and I can't stress how great it is.

Stay cool, Goths, and stay awesome.


  1. I enjoyed this post. Lots of helpful info anyone could use. And I am guilty of wearing black even in extreme heat. I can't help it~!

  2. You provided a lot of useful info and cute pics. I love that parasol.

  3. Hooray, I was useful.

    Don't worry, Maeam, i do it too, but the whole "brain damage" thing tends to always loom.

    Sunny&star, I will fight you for that parasol. All proceeds from the fight will be donated.


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