Essence forget it 3 in 1 concealer review

Hi dolls!

After reading tons and tons of bad or medium reviews about this product,I was kind of worried again.
But after seeing how those people were caking layers of the product under their eyes with their fingers,I knew why their reviews were so bad.


Packaging : The essence forget it 3 in 1 concealer comes in a round plastic jar with a lid.It contains 0.1 oz/3,5g of Product.
The 3 concealers come in triangular pans.The lid is kind of difficult to open though.But it stays shut.

Product : There are three different colors of concealer : salmon color,a minty green and a beige.Each concealer color has a purpose.
"Use pink against circles around the eyes,use beige against blemishes,use green against redness.

There is no smell what so ever,which is a huuuuge plus for me.

My 2 cents: Seriously,I love it.I never worked with different colors of concealers before and for the first time in my life I was able to cover the blood vessels that show through my translucent epidermis.
The consistency is very creamy,which makes it perfect to apply with a synthetic concealer brush.
Under the eyes it has to be set with a good powder,but almost every cream concealer needs that.

It really covers the redness and the blue-ish imperfections.It lasts almost 9 hours.After 8 hours and some minutes I noticed it was fading a bit.
A really cool thing about this product is,that is has more than 1 purpose,because it can be an eyeshadow base,a cream contour and a color corrector if your foundation is a bit too light/pink/neutral for you.

The only complaint I have is the way you have to open it.Not suitable for people who hate scratches in their nail polish.You have to push a little buttony thing and then it pops open.

I will definetly buy this product again as my winter concealer.
(In summer I use water proof)

But if you don't like applying it with a brush and set it,it won't be for you.

Did you have an experience with this product?Let me know in the comments


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