DIY : Clearing out those sample baggies

Hi dolls

Over the last year I had accumulated a lot of moisturizer/body lotion/body butter/hand cream samples,which took up quite some space.
Most of the moisturizers are for mature skin,so there is no way I would put that into my face.So I stored the samples that I will use and I was left with  27 samples that are not suitable for my needs.
But throwing away those samples is not an option!
I simply mixed the content of the samples in little screw lid jars,stirred and the result is a very very rich,uber moisturizing cuticle cream with tons of amazing ingredients.
I already used up 1 of my 3 jars and I am really happy.



  1. 27 samples! You could moisturise a 100 chinchillas with that. Not that they need it. I'll shut up now :P

  2. Yay! Good work! I'm loving these ideas you are coming up with! I'm going to have to see if I have anything that needs combined! I have been doing a good job getting my clutter cleared up here recently!

  3. really clever move!!! =))

  4. Thanks dolls,we gotta make room............ for new stuff!


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