Playing with my new polishes

Hi dolls,

Having the 1 Euro shop so close is amazing,they carry a lot of good cosmetic brands and the polishes are great with such a huge range of colors and brands to choose from.
I purchased 2 polishes that really caught my eye: The lovie nail polish in number 16 and the dido nail polish in 29 m.
The lovie polish is more a holo-topcoat,because by itself it is not that spectacular,but once applied on a darker polish the holographic effect really shows through.

both polishes

1: Both polishes layered 2: dido polish 3: lovie polish

Here you can see the tiny plum colored shimmers and the blue glitters of the lovie polish

The lovie holo top coat must look amazing on black polish <3

Huggies+ holo glitter


  1. oh, i wish a have 1 euro shop in the neighborhood :-)
    nice polishes :-)

  2. The holo top coat looks sooo pretty! I'm sure you can use it with many dark colours and make amazing combinations!

  3. WOw these are awesome! I wish we had these in the states!

  4. Nat: It looks amazing with black and dark purple
    Nailcrazy: It is a curse and a blessing.Whenever I have a spare Euro,I look around the shop......
    @gabi: Maybe check dollar tree,because I am sure there must be similar polishes.


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