Back to the roots......... or screw high end skin care

Hi dolls

In the last year I tried a ton of high end products,because I had accumulated a lot of samples.
At first the fancy stuff amazed me and I liked it.But then I noticed that it doesn't really do more of a good job than a supermarket-brand moisturizer.
So after doing some serious thinking about fancy skin care stuff I came to the conclusion that I won't ask for anymore samples.
Why?Because before I started the 'fancy sample hunt' my skin was fine.
Now after having tried tons and tons of that fancy stuff,my skin was more irritated,break out prone and dry than ever.
A while ago after taking the decision to stop the experiments I went to the supermarket and bought the two moisturizers I have been using the last five years.A day time moisturizer with spf and a very rich moisturizer with Vitamin E.
After 2 weeks had passed by my skin was back to normal.Phew!

The essence anti-spot moisturizer won't leave my collection ever again,because seriously this is a brilliant product with multiple uses.And mixed with the daytime moisturizer it works amazingly,mattifies my skin and keeps me spot-free.

So let me introduce the supermarket-brand moisturizers:

If you live in a country that has the french Carrefour supermarket chain,you will most likely find the moisturizers.
The brand is called " Les Cosmetiques" and they produce really good stuff with nice ingredients.
The daytime moisturizer has an Spf of 15 and it contains Septilift and Vitamin A,C,E.
Usually I avoid Spf because it makes you look like a ghost on pictures taken with a flash.Nope,not this one.
It keeps me moisturized all day long and it absorbs really nicely.
After a few days of using it you will notice that your skin becomes more firm and fine lines get reduced.

The nighttime moisturizer also contains Vitamin E and Septilift,but it also contains olive-leaf extract and as a olive-product junkie I am loving the fact.
You may apply it around the eyes and you will see results the morning after.The skin will be firm,happy and deeply moisturized.

Both creams cost about 2-3 Euro each and they have a slightly citrus-y scent,which is very pleasant.

So skincare doesn't have to be from a fancy-pansy brand in order to work.

I am starting to realize that most high end products are just a hype.........

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  1. I agree with you, it's really about what you skin like, not the brand. I used Clinique 3-step skin care system after I was brainwashed with the hype. After 5 months, I conclude that there are no way the system can be a miracle worker.I still like it, but I think it is overhyped.

  2. I agree with you. I think usual(and tested for many years and from many people) ingredients like aloe vera, vitamin E, A, C, maybe shea butter for dry skin etc. are what skin needs. And to tell the truth I'm afraid to use some weird plant ingredient that a high-end brand uses for the first time! My fav supermarket skin care product is a face peeling from Lidl. And ofcourse I love my Essence cream!

  3. The lidl peeling is quite good,but DIY peeling is even better <3

  4. @Pepper,yeah hypes are bad,but hey as long as it works it is okay.


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