Purple and Black Goth make up

Hi lovely dolls!

This week I was seriously make up lazy,but I am not a person who would say:"Leaving the house without make up is impossible"
Sometimes I just don't care!This week was so stressful and emotionally exhausting,that I rather spend my 'morning-make-up-time' with another cup of tea.
But today was a good day and I wanted to do some serious make up.......
The initial morning look first was a simple neutral eye with a winged eyeliner,and once I was done with chores and work I thought I spice things up a little.
It's not really a smokey eye,but as usual I smoked out the shadows a bit.For the inner corners I used a heavy shimmer white shadow,then a light pink,then the purple,then the black.
To fade out the black and purple I used a hint of a teal color,so that maybe the teal will optically whiten my eyes that were quite red today.
Given the fact that I wore quite a lot of mascara on the bottom,I don't think it was necessary to line the bottom lash line.Just a little khol on the waterline.

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  1. I love those lil magic you do with your eyeliner.


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