When a Goth jumps and dances around the house....

Hello Beauties <3

What do you think is the occasion when a Goth Girl like me runs around the house doing happy dances???
-New Grave yard opening?
-Bauhaus album?

Noooo *meeeep* wrong!

I am happy to announce that I finally managed to apply false/faux lashes with the help of EnKore Make up tutorials.(Thxxx Koren)

Lashes were my big beauty insecurity.I either had glue all over my lid or the lashes would be going into all different directions.


I really did a happy dance! Just don't tell anyone ok.That would ruin my image !!!! (No No just kidding)

Here is the proof:



Do you have any beauty insecurity?


  1. great :)

    when i apply false eyelashes i use a black khol powder afterwards, so the upper waterline is black too and it helps to hide the natural lashes :)

    my beauty insecurity ? i'm a newbie with contouring, i'm always the feeling that people would notice that i've blended dark powder on my cheeks and that it may be a complete fail.

    the day i'll do it perfectly i'll do a goth dance too !!!!!

  2. Thank you for the tip hun!

    Let's do a happy dance together when you learned contouring <3


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