Teddy bear nail art design

Hi dolls,

Wow what a day! First I wake up at 7 and I looked outside and the sky really looked like it was going to snow.I went back to sleep and when I woke up I couldn't believe my eyes.Little cute snowflakes dancing in the wind.
The snow melted,as soon as it touched the ground.But just seeing those snow flakes made me happy.

The nail art is kind of a fail,because while the nails were drying I had to change the sheets.So yay for messed up teddies.
The background was done with nail polish and the teddy bears were done with acrylic paints.

Nothing special,but I had to put something on my nails XD



  1. Die sind ja total süss, was du nicht alles auf die Nägel zaubern kannst^^

  2. Yay for snow! A great way to get you in the holiday spirit! Love the teddy bear mani! So cute!

  3. Today no more snow,bright sunshine and cooold.

  4. Danke Eriinnye,wuensche dir ne tolle Adventszeit.


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