Golden Greed ( 7 deadly sins)

Hi !!!

How are you all doing?Everybody around me is coughing and sneezing,so I am taking Vitamins,eating Ginger and drinking tea.Can't get sick now!!

Today's sin is Greed.
What color would be appropriate to use?Right Gold!
I am not a fan of gold on my eyes,in fact I just have one golden eyeshadow.I used a shimmering gray base to make the gold more antique looking.The inner corners have a pearly white base.
To make the wing look a bit darker,I blended the gold with some black eyeshadow.Sadly I ran out of liquid waterproof eyeliner.Need to get some urgently!So I used the splash proof eyeliner pen from essence.Around the eyeliner art there is some red lip pencil XD (You gotta do what ya gotta do).
I lined the lower lash line with some golden eyeshadow only.

And as usual a coat of mascara.



  1. oh girl this make up is amazing !
    dark gold looks fabulous on your eyes !!! even if you're not much into gold-ish colors, it does just look gorgeous !!!!


  2. Thank you hunnnnn <3
    Gold is a beautiful color,but I am more a silver person :D


  3. Love this look! The detail on the eyeliner art is amazing! You have so much creativity!


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