10 things

1.Thinking loudly can be embarrassing.A "oh jeez here we go" slipped out of my mouth in public.Evil eyes staring at me
2.Learned a life lesson today: Some people are not worth getting all angry and hurt,because they will never change.
3.Working hard for your dreams,believing in your vision and staying true to yourself does pay off.Even if you will be rejected 2000000000 times,there will be a day that you reach your goal,no matter what the others say.
4.I prefer to have a few extra pounds.Starving yourself until you turn into a hungry b.....beast with a bitter spirit is not attractive anymore.(You know what word I wanna use instead of beast)
5.Accidently dipped my cookie into cola instead of my tea.It is actually yummy!
6.Once again,animals are amazing.My life would be so empty without my critters.(<3)
7.Big shout out to Nat! Thanks for teaching me those words today.You saved my butt!
8.Instead of just writing my journal,I started the entry with "Hi dolls" Jeez,we are getting sucked into the black hole called www-Internet
9.I think I am going to sleep now,this wave of tiredness just hit me.It was a very eventful day.Very good things paired with a few moments that you just wanna roll your eyes at .
10.The orange trees started blooming and the petals smell amazing.I will check if you can use them in cooking or pastry.

Have a good night dolls!


  1. I love this post, I actually have a random post coming up about me,because sometimes you get tired of reading beauty related stuff as if our lives depend on products. So yeah, I'm really appreciating posts like this :)

  2. Thank you Dyna,I can't wait to read your post!


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