Rustic pie with bacon,bell peppers and cream cheese

Hello lovies!

Today's recipe is one of my favorite pizza alternatives.Its really easy to make and doesn't require much.
For the crust you need:
150 gr flour
50 ml water
1-2 tablespoons olive oil
pinch of salt

For the filling:
100 gr cream cheese
1 shallot (diced)
1 bell pepper (diced)
2-3 slices of bacon (sliced)
1 egg

Make a firm (pasta like) dough from flour,water and olive oil.You can season the dough only with salt or you can add some oregano or paprika to it.Roll out a thin layer of dough and line a greased oven proof dish with it.

For the filling simply mix egg,cream cheese and seasoning.Place your bacon and veggies inside the pie crust and pour the egg mix on top of it.
Bake for 15-20 min at 180*C (medium high)

And that's it! You can add any vegetable or protein you like,so this recipe is great for leftovers.


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