10 things of today

1.Had a super nice hot chai latte with caramel syrup and whipped cream on top this morning.
2.Corset is laced a bit too tight,but hey if it looks good :D
3.Finally finally finished to clean out the spice cupboard.It is hard to find stuff in there.Now I threw out the expired stuff and filled everything else into jars with labels.
4.Dreams can be soo nice sometimes! (But they can also make you sad)
5.Never sit close to a busy sidewalk when you are in a restaurant,eating chicken wings.People tend to stare at you while you are eating in a barbaric way (with your hands)
6.I am going to have another cup of fancy tea later
7.Picked some wild greens today.
8.Another week went by and my desk once again is full with cosmetics : 2 lip balms,1 nail balm,1 cuticle oil,1 top coat,2 lipglosses and one lipstick.
9.Got some fabulous Gothic Cross earrings in the mail yesterday.
10.Can't stand when the wind is howling.


  1. You got to lace the corset tight! Will you come clean out my spice cupboard?! And I hear you about the desk cover in cosmetics. Mine is the same way!

  2. Hi Peach!
    I would be happy to clean out your spice cupboard in exchange for any kind of chocolate.
    Corsets have to be tight,but yesterday mine was a bit too tight,so after eating two bites I was gasping for air.
    Thanks for stopping by hun

  3. I love chai tea lattes ^_^ At one of the grocery stores where I live they have all kinds of different tea and coffee drink type mixes that you add to milk, they're so good. I put whipped cream on mine and then do some chocolate syrup swirls and cover it with cinnamon so it looks fancy like I bought it from a coffeeshop :P

  4. I think I have seen chai mix powder somewhere.It is sooo great to spoil yourself with a nice beverage.
    Thx for stopping by


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