Gothic Make up for Summertime

Hello Sweethearts!
It is time for another make up look.I love black,I really do but I can't deny the summer feelings and the craving for a little bit of color.So instead of wearing colorful clothes I prefer to add some color to my make up.

You need:
Eye primer
peach eyeshadow
yellow eyeshadow
black eyeshadow
liquid eyeliner or gel liner in black
eyeliner for the water line
black waterproof mascara

eyeshadow brush
blending brush
smudging brush

Ok honeys let's start painting.

Do your face routine as you usually would (Moisturizer,Foundation and setting powder),then prime your eyes and don't forget the lower lash line.Now apply the peach colored eyeshadow all over your lid,but don't bring it up too much.
Apply the yellow above the peach color and blend well.
In the outer V apply the black shadow and blend it into the yellow.

Line your eyes with eyeliner on top and line your waterline on the bottom.
You can add some funny designs to make the look more dramatic.I added a few lines with dots on the lower lash line.
Apply mascara and you are done!

(Excuse the redness and the tiredness of my eyes.It was soo early in the morning)


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