Don't be afraid of that Goth/Metalhead down the street


I got a mail today from a reader,who is 14 and her parents decided that she is no longer allowed to wear black clothes and listen to metal.

Why people are afraid of Goths and Metalheads? Cuz we look different,I agree.
But we are harmless !
If you get in a fight with a Gangster,he is gonna get you in a serious trouble.He may call his friends to beat ya up.
If you get in a fight with a Goth/Metalhead you are more likely to drink a beer with him and solve the problem by talking.
Goth Music and Metal are being judged as dangerous and harmful for children/teenagers but letting them listen to Rap music where sex,disrespect and 'beef' is promoted seems okay to a lot of parents.
I think every child/teen should make his or her own choice of music.

Listening to metal doesn't mean that you worship Satan,it doesn't mean that you are on the verge of suicide and it doesn't mean that you are a bad person.

This is for you my friend!


  1. Anonymous03:15

    I feel so bad for her =( My advice as a goth-in-waiting: Wait it out, play nice until college, then have the hell at it! :D *has about three months left*

  2. Also a good solution :)


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