Normal?Smudged Eyeliner

Hi dolls

Tomorrow is a big day and like I have said in the previous post,I have to look kind of normal.No eyeliner wings,no flashy shadows.
But nobody can prevent me from doing a dramatic eye make up!
The look is quick,because I just use light gray matte eyeshadow,black eyeshadow and an eye pencil.
Hope you like it dolls and in case you want to see a step by step tutorial for a make up look,please let me know!!



  1. Looking good, and fairly normal even.
    What do you need to look so normal for, if I may ask?

  2. Hey,

    ich würde sehr gern ein step by step Tutorial davon sehen, da mein "normaler Look" diesem sehr ähnlich ist :D
    Es sieht (natürlich) wieder sehr schön aus, gefällt mir sehr gut!

    Liebe Grüße

  3. @Xanthy: A Business 'thing' is the occasion :)
    @Mrs.sunshine : Will do that the next time I put on make up ;)

  4. Looking great! I am so jealous of your long lashes!

  5. This looks great! "Normal makeup" is a necessary evil, isn't it?!

  6. love it formal and bit dark like it like it like if you find it a bit hard put some peach or pink color just a bit in the corner!!!!

  7. Perfect! I would so easily mess up this kind of look.


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